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My first job out of college was as an automation engineer at a small manufacturing company that produced plastic parts with robots. The company had only 10 people but made $7 million in sales annually. I jumped straight into automation, having learned the theory in college but not its industrial application. I didn’t even know what a robot integrator was until I joined.

Before I was hired, the company had an integrator who failed to complete his job and was eventually fired. This experience taught me the importance of a good reputation in business. Determined to excel, I learned everything about the industry and took on the challenge of automating a Haas VF2 with a collaborative robot from scratch, handling design, programming, machining, integration, and work-holding myself.

Impressed by my work, visitors began asking if we provided services to other companies. This inspired us to start an integration company, taking on larger projects over time. Eventually, I decided to focus solely on the integration business and founded Kurtin Robotics in 2019. Our company is dedicated to helping businesses with automation from start to finish, focusing on customer service and creating valuable, functional robot cells for various industries.

Your Success is Our Success!

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Houston Robotic Integrators

We're a Houston based Robotic Integrator serving the great state of Texas and beyond!  Here at Kurtin Robotics, we are passionate about helping companies bring jobs back to America through our innovative automation solutions. Our mission is to offer easy-to-implement, user-friendly solutions that deliver impressive returns on investment for our valued clients. Setting ourselves apart, we are dedicated to providing hands-on support and guidance every step of the way to ensure the success of our solutions.

Our Company Values 

Integrity - Honesty - Loyalty

We stand behind our products and Guarantee the implementation will meet or exceed our promises. We are the ones who design them and make sure the project meets your needs

We help you grow your business through automation

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Our Leadership Team

Karan Khatter Partner

Karan has a profound ability to create reliable software automations. He is an expert in database architectures and high end software integration into any system.

Chase Kurtin


Founder and Robotics engineer. He is an expert with mechanical design and robotics. He has designed over 50 automation projects over his career and help companies to save over $10,000,000

Dillan Kurtin


Dillan is an expert in systems integrations, design and machine controls. He graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. In his free time, he enjoys rock climbing and flying his paramotor!