KRC RoboPallet 

Advanced End-of-Line Palletizer Solution

Discover our advanced robotic end-of-line palletizer system designed to streamline your operations and boost efficiency. Perfect for automating palletizing tasks with precision and reliability, our system ensures seamless integration into your manufacturing process, empowering you to meet production goals effectively


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Machine Tending 

We specialize in recipe based programming. Even if you have a high mix of parts. We build custom HMIs so that you can program the robot by just inputting the dimension of the part and the robot can take it from there. We have integrated into all sorts of machines from CNC machines to Injection Molding Presses and Packaging machines.  

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Welding robots seem daunting, but with the right fixtures and controls it can help you automate repetitive tasks that are hard to keep employees motivated to do. Just clamp the parts and hit start. With Collaborative robots you can even teach them by hand without the need to jog the robots through the whole program.

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